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THE best and i do mean the best street ball courts are in philly....Pinatti in north philly 22nd st is the court that is shown at the begining of the "and 1 " tv show...16th &susquehanna is the philly eqivalent to the ruckers in new york...actaully thats how A.O. was discovered he was playing for a team that won many chips in the league and the rucker league all-stars came over for a game and the rest is history.....philly won that game also by the way....streetball legend by the name of "Sad Eyes" took over the game he was so good his nickname is babypro... and last but not least the mecca is in fairmaount park the biggest park in philly it at 33rd & diamond st... all the chip teams from all the philly leagues play in this league its normally the last street ball league of the season with the playoffs strecting through sept.
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