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Originally Posted by thejoyofsobe
nobody was dissing the rest of your team. i just think you got ripped off getting a top 30 player, a center that averaged twenty minutes last year, an unproven point guard who can't shoot and a backup center coming off of an injury for a top 3 player and a top 50 player.

You should try to get Perkins back because he'll be more valuable than Nene this year.

Well for those who just say its a rip off and have no argument it is a diss and a pretty pathetic one at that, i have no problem with anyone saying its a bad trade just tell me why tell me why KG fell to me at 6th overall. Because his number have dropped slightly over the past yr or 2 and he reached his peak already on a team that is bound for mediocracy where he has no motivation until he signs with a contender next year.

Anyway Should I drop brown for him? Milic is startin at PF n dwight at center or vise versa so his minutes are up and smith shooting percentage went up second half along with all of his numbers, the guy can play shooting guard but he had over 200 blocks. Being that I did do this trade I did my research on him prior and he has worked tremendously on improving his shot along with adding 15 lbs of muscle you guys might not see it but he will be a star in this league he is very young right now but he is up and coming in this league.
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