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Default Re: Azubuike is Horrible

Originally Posted by 3.2.1.
I'll give you the ugly face but he plays really consistent. he has a good jumpshot and hustles out there. Explain why you hate him.

I hate Watson b/c he simply plays too much, I wouldnt mind if he's a 10min backup. I really think he doesnt deserve 30+ minutes even when Ellis is injured.

He cant play any def, he can shoot but only make open shots, he definitely cant pass as well as any other PG, and its most frustrating when he turn the ball over in close games (inbound violations, he had like 3 of those this year,I never seen anyone else in NBA done it before). I know his stats arent bad, but it really annoys me to actually watch him play. He can hussle and try to steal alot, but thats actually his weakness, giving open baskets whenever attempt a steal. Great defenders do try to steal but they dont give away easy layups. Also, he usually wastes a well 15 to 20 seconds off the shot clock when he brings the ball up court and do nothing with it. Nelson and Williams are much better PGs, altho their offense isnt so good, but at least they know what theyre doing. Even Belinelli can pass and handle better than Watson, and Belinelli does play starting PG last few games in place of Watson and im glad that he does so.
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