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Originally Posted by BballKings
Anyway Should I drop brown for him? Milic is startin at PF n dwight at center or vise versa so his minutes are up and smith shooting percentage went up second half along with all of his numbers, the guy can play shooting guard but he had over 200 blocks. Being that I did do this trade I did my research on him prior and he has worked tremendously on improving his shot along with adding 15 lbs of muscle you guys might not see it but he will be a star in this league he is very young right now but he is up and coming in this league.
PJ Brown has a really good FT% but with the players you already have, you might need to just accept that you're not going to be very good in that category. I, personally, would drop Brown for Perkins and hope that Camby goes down so Nene gets some serious burn at center.

Josh Smith will be a great player, but I feel that you paid too high a price for him. I think a KG and Butler for Josh Smith, Darko Millicic and another top 50 player might have been more fair.
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