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Draft order does not = over all fantasy value. Just because Yao Ming was somehow drafted # 13 doesnt mean he's a top 15 fantasy player overall. MOreover, there is NO WAY that Jameer Nelson is a top 30 NBA overall NBA fantasy balller. That was a draft choice, not an analysis of Nelson's posittion as a top 30 player in the league overall. Its relative to the roster.

Come on now dude. We all know that. Hey, you have a good team. Even after getting hosed on that trade you still have a good team with the amount of players. I'm not gonna go into any more detail for your team because you obviously won't take any criticism from here on well.

But listen good. Don't put too much weight into that ESPN Mock Fantasy Draft. Honestly, who really is gonna pick CP3 ahead of Nash? I mean there's no reason do that! Its the media trying to be edgy. I wish I could have seen where they had CP3 last year. Its just that they want to be the one who drafted CP3 before Nash in the case that he does somehow do better than Mr. 2 time MVP. That is just insanity. Sure CP3 is a top 5 PG in my opinion, but its still crazy. The dude did it to say that he was the one to predict it if it comes true. If it doesn't then, it goes unnoticed because he still has CP3 who is still gonna be nasty. A lot of those top 25 even 50 picks were made not from the true fantasy ballers perspective.

Therefore it is not the best idea to use for your mock draft needs.
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