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Default Re: 2009 NBA Slam Dunk contest participants announced

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Im betting Joe makes it. The Bucks must have a solid PR setup with their fans to have Ridnour getting so many all star votes. Where else could they be coming from? They have to be pushing it right? how else could someone want him starting 200,000 times? Leftover Sonics fans voting for him because they refuse to support the players who left for Oklahoma?

Little left over Bucks love from Yi fans?
It's a mystery to us Bucks fans too. There hasn't been one peep about "vote for Luke," from the Bucks PR guys, and he doesn't seem to be a particularly popular player among the fan base that I'm aware of. I'd say that the most popular Bucks this year are Bogut, Sessions, and Mbah a Moute (and of course Redd among the more casual fans).

The leftover Yi love can't be it, because Ridnour has more votes than Yi's current pg, who also happens to be a much better player. Ridnour wasn't even on the team alongside Yi, and the other Bucks (Redd, Bogut, Jefferson) aren't getting a similar vote boost.

I honestly think it's a technical glitch of some kind. Maybe votes for Wade or Iverson are getting miscasted or something like that.
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