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Yeah, as long as he doesn't try to change his game too much and try to act like Irk Nowitzki runnin' around out there, that'll be alright. He actually added the 3pt shot to his arsenal a few years back but didn't have much success with it. With Mike James and Randy Foye around, he should at least get his assist average back to around 5.5/game and rejoin the 20/10/5 club. Even with them around though, I really think that in order for the Wolves to do anything this season, KG has to shoulder more of the load offensively. His FG% was at a career high last season but his scoring declined because he's too damn unselfish. He could VERY easily (if he wanted to) average 20 shots a game, make 10 of those, average 5 made FT's per game, and be at 25+ pts/game. But that's not his game and I really don't expect him to change it now that he's 30 yrs old... He'll keep doin what he's been doin for his whole career thats gotten to be a future hall of famer and one of the top 5 players of his era. U cant really be mad at him for that... As for the people who think his game is on the decline, I'd bet good money that he stays on top of his game longer than Tim Duncan. He's been more of a perimeter player, up until the last few years, and hasn't taken the beating that little Timmy has taken over the years. And Duncan's carrying more weight with him, meaning his knees will probably go Patrick Ewing on him at some point in the next 5 years or so. While KG is built more like David Robinson, who didn't over stay his welcome in the NBA like Ewing did and Mutombo continues to do. And Shaq, unfortunately, is nearing that point VERY quickly... but he's still got a few years in him.
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