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Default Re: The NBA of 2009: 6 on 5!

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
Here's the scenario:

Boston @ Portland, end of the second quarter, 10.1 seconds left on the clock. Portland is passing the ball inbounds with six players in the game. Oden gets the ball and passes to Outlaw for the jam to end the half. The entire Celtics team and staff are going insane.

The referee's say it was their mistake, they allow the basket, and Boston shoots a technical free throw.

Let me say that again, they allowed the basket.

Refs call the league office, their response is that it's a technicality and the bucket is good, and there's nothing they can do about it.

What's to stop a team for having 6 guys on the floor at any given time to score a three? All the other team gets is a technical free throw.

Absurd. I don't even want to watch the NBA anymore.

Agree. Stupid the play wasn't reset. I'd set up a 6 on 5 anytime I'm down one with 10 seconds left on purpose if that's the case. What as well take the chance if all you're giving up is a free throw that potentially may be missed. Kinda like the extra attacker in hockey.
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