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Originally Posted by jrt1584
I wouldn't do it if I were u. Before Camby got hurt last year, he was one of the top 3 centers in the league. It's taking a big risk assuming that Camby is gonna stay healthy all year, but if he can play 70+ games or so, he's gonna have a really good year for u. And u are in desperate need of assists, but i'd take a good look at the free agents in your league before I'd pull the trigger on this trade. U could drop Dalembert, Posey, Daniels, Salmons, or Granger. And if there aren't any FA's for u to pick up, look to make a different trade... Just not this one.
I wouldn't be so quick to dump Dalembert or Granger. But Posey is no longer the starting small forward in Miami, Salmons is worthless as long as Kevin Martin is healthy and Marquis Daniels might have some marginal value depending on how the Pacers use him.
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