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Default Re: Blazers score basket against Celtics using six players on the court

Originally Posted by JordanL
No, whether or not Pierce takes four steps is a factual matter. Whether or not Bayless took three steps is a factual matter. Whether or not Tony Allen was in the act of shooting is a factual matter.

Oh, how clever. ****ing rich. Yeah, all that's been posted by Boston fans for the last 12 hours is how a two point swing cost them a five point game because as Doc said "it got inside their heads". And I'm the one that's a bit touchy.

I'm not touchy, I'm fed up with the bull**** arrogance that Boston fans are posting here, as if they're Garrnett himself. As if they take the winning shot from the 200 level. As if they don't get the most bull**** favorable referreeing I've seen since I've been following the NBA (18 years). I'm fed up with the self-centered idiocracy of Boston fans.

(And in this way I guess not that much of it has to do with you RMWG.)

wait so you think that those "factual" judgement call errors are nearly as bad as allowing 6 v 5 basketball about which KG and the whole godd*mn bench was shouting well before the basket went in?
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