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Default Re: Why talk about individual defense?

As I clicked this thread I thought you were going to say how individual defense is overrated and that the team defensive schemes combined with even average individual defense but solid team communication and a winning atmosphere would be much more effective than simply having a collection of good defenders. And that, you know, someone who plays for a substandard team will not put in even token effort but if he's moved to a better team he'll suddenly be completely different.

I was disappointed.

Suffice to say, looking up and down the roster of the Celtics or Cavs doesn't scream "WARNING! LEAGUE DOMINATING DEFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT WITHIN!" But there it is. I mean, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce? Perkins? Big Z? Delonte West? Mo Williams? This would be a laughable proposition in the summer of 2007.

Of course, this could easily segue into an analogous point re: individual offense.

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