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Default Re: Why talk about individual defense?

Originally Posted by stephanieg
As I clicked this thread I thought you were going to say how individual defense is overrated and that the team defensive schemes combined with even average individual defense but solid team communication and a winning atmosphere would be much more effective than simply having a collection of good defenders. And that, you know, someone who plays for a substandard team will not put in even token effort but if he's moved to a better team he'll suddenly be completely different.

I was disappointed.

Suffice to say, looking up and down the roster of the Celtics or Cavs doesn't scream "WARNING! LEAGUE DOMINATING DEFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT!" But there it is. I mean, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce? Perkins? Big Z? Delonte West? Mo Williams? This would be a laughable proposition in the summer of 2007.

so... Paul Pierce isn't a very good individual defensive player? Kobe would never vocalize it, but in his head, i'm sure he'd disagree. yes, the Celtics team defense was great against Kobe, but watch that series again and see how tightly Pierce stuck with him and contested everything. that was one of the best defensive showings i've seen in years.
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