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couple of bugs I found:

1. During off-ball movement, keys are incorrectly mapped. When one player is mapped to the "layup" button and the other is mapped to the "dunk" button, those are actually reversed. Took me long enough to figure out why I kept passing to the wrong guy. Then again, knowing EA Sports, I didn't expect them to ever test, let alone use, the off-ball movement.

2. If you are playing a season or dynasty, you can't set your own roster the way you want it. For example, you have Hilton Armstrong and Nenad Krstic as your powerforwards and you want Hilton Armstrong starting because you want some interior athleticism in your starting line. Live 07 actually won't let you do this, because since Nenad has a higher overall rating than Hilton, he will ALWAYS start. In order to get Hilton to start, you have to set Nenad's primary position to center, so that Hilton will start at power forward. F&cking retarded. In fact, this bug didn't even show up until I was well into my season. I found it when, one day, I realized all the wrong players were starting even though I specifically tabbed certain players to start.
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