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Thanks a lot. U know a lot about bskball. Is good to know there someone who knows even more than me.

I will take Jack instead of Kevin Martin. I think in Jack like a kind of Payton.

Regarding Portland... what your opinion about Martel Webster? Lots of 3s and good percentatges... and will he get minutes? Anything else. And JR Smith?

The problem with D. Soudamire is that beyond his health I don't consider him as a fantasy value, poor percentatges, sharing time with Atkins, not so much points, and wihtout Pau Gasol not many assist neither. what you think?

With Arenas, TjFord, Damon Stoudemire, and Roy, I have 4 point guard players. Do I need another one?
SG- I have Raja Bell, S. Jackson, Kevin Martin and Roy. 4!
SF- Melo, S. Jackson and Villanueva.
PF- Bosh, Villanueva and Krstic. 3!
Center- O'neal, Camby, Bosh and Krstic. 4!

Do I need more a player who can play more PF or SF? Rudy Gay ? Garbajosa (3s)? Or Tim Thomas?
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