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Originally Posted by LakerRaider
It wasn't Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia wasn't considered a country at that time. It was between Empires and Dynasties, not countries.

Your original idea was that Egyptians aren't considered Arab. They are considered Arab. You say that you are not considered Arab because of former empires colonizing Egypt. Great Britain conolized the United States, so does that mean we're all British??? Just wondering.

That doesn't change the fact that you are Arab. Whether you're Christian, Jew, or Muslim; you're still Arab. If you are not Arab, what do you consider yourself??? Just wondering.

We're still Los Angeles Lakers, that's all that matters, but let's keep up with this debate:)

Sorry my bad....I mixed saudi arabia with something else.

totally a mix up...I learned too many things in life.

But i think the first was the byzantines...then islam or w.e

I dont consider myself arab i would consider myself egyptian (purebred) lol

The fact of the matter is I am Coptic. and Coptic isnt arab.
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