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Originally Posted by hotsizzle
Another thing, my mom is half egyptain and I visited egypt a few times. people over there absolutely hate arab countries like saudi arabia and such. they want nothing to do with them and always criticizing them. and if im right, saudis hate egyptians too. basically, egyptians hate alot of traits that are in arabs even though they are arab but you could definetly see that they are different as an indication that they come from other traces

This kind of action is seen in all countries. Cambodians get offended when you call them Vietnamese. Vietnamese people might hate Thai people because of a certain grudge. Vietnamese might hate Cambodians because of the Khmer Rouge. Japanese and Korean people got some beef because of historical differences.

All this doesn't change the fact that they're Asian.

It's the same in this case. Lebanses people might hate Syrians because Syrians might be regarded as trouble makers. Egyptians are not liked probably because they might be regarded as they think too much of themselves. Kuwaitis might hate Iraqis because of the invasion, and so on.

All this doesn't change the fact that they're Arab.
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