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Originally Posted by mariodeathgrip
Oh this BS your saying now about being in two parts of the country and flying across the country is plain out dumb.

Well, I'm not the one claiming it, you were you stupid prick. I'm saying it is impossible you dull piece of sh*t. How can you not understand that?

Jesus christ, kids these days.

Sh*t I still don't know you could be him maybe your the 11 yr cousin and this is your original posting name!!!

How can someone be this dull? I'm 22 you ****ing idiot, He said the kid is in 10th grade, when you get there you will realize that means he is a sophomore in highschool, being 11 would mean he is a genius.

Actually yep, that's me, I'm LakersFreak's 11 year old cousin that is a sophomore in highschool, I'm also in 2 parts of the world at the same time to cover myself. :rollingeyes:

I can't stand childish morons with no sense of humor.
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