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Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX

Well, I'm not the one claiming it, you were you stupid prick. I'm saying it is impossible you dull piece of sh*t. How can you not understand that?

Jesus christ, kids these days.


How can someone be this dull? I'm 22 you ****ing idiot, He said the kid is in 10th grade, when you get there you will realize that means he is a sophomore in highschool, being 11 would mean he is a genius.

Actually yep, that's me, I'm LakersFreak's 11 year old cousin that is a sophomore in highschool, I'm also in 2 parts of the world at the same time to cover myself. :rollingeyes:

I can't stand childish morons with no sense of humor.

Kid what the F*ck your talking about I'm 27 with two kids and another on the way!! You being 22 that's funny you act like a little kid!!! Look how you responded!! Childish morons with no sense of humor describes yourself!!
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