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Default Re: I would take Jonny Flynn over both Rubio and Jennings

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Flynn played the full 40 mins (the stamina of this kid!), had 0 steals but also had 0 turnovers. 0 turnovers for a pg in 40 mins is crazy!

i've watched this dude a few times. He is actually better than i thought. He seems like a winner unlike Jennings who even as my favorite prospect has Team Cancer written all over him.

I want to see how Flynn does in the NCAA tourny thats all that matters really, in the NBA draft ask scrubs like Noah that and Tyrus Thomas who were lottery picks that had no busy in the 1st round type of players

I like flynn strength, how he is a winner, but my knack on him is he seems to compact doesnt seem at least on the TV to have a huge wingspan like most NBA players do.

he alot like rodney stuckey

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