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Default Re: Cheapest car insurance?

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Why don't you call several companies and get quotes?

/end thread

LOL - he's pretty much right. Call or go online for Progressive. Checking out GEICO wouldn't hurt, but honestly, they're not highly competitive in the northeast. Look into Liberty Mutual and / or MetLife; they're titans in that area of the country.

Your best bet though may be to go to a few local agents and see what they can offer you. State Farm, All-State or even Nationwide. They're "captive" agents meaning they will not shop your rate, but their rates may be solid for you.

There's also local independent agents, who actually can shop you for the best rate with about a dozen different companies. Just look up in your phone book and see who's there locally.

I would advise to stay away from companies like e-surance and other newly / non-household name companies. Their ability to pay out for claims is not that great, which is important even if you're only wanting a vehicle for simple liability coverage. You want someone who will go to bat for you or give you a fair claim on your own vehicle if it's damaged.

Hope this helps.
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