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Raptors fans are going nuts with Villy's value. He scored 13 points on one of the worst teams in the league while playing no defense, and all the sudden he can only be traded for all stars? Sorry Kwaj.
The point of that deal is that it's simply a dumb trade for a young rebuilding team.

Villanueva IS overrated by many people, I completely agree with that BUT he is still a good productive player who will likely improve and is on a rookie contract. Mo Pete has been a mainstay for the Raptors, likely won't be hard to re-sign and is the one good defensive player they have.

Magloire and Mo Williams will both be free agents after next year with both looking at significant pay raises (even though Magloire is overrated as well and doesn't deserve one). These aren't exactly 2 players you want to invest a lot of money in long term at the moment. Mo Williams could prove people wrong if given a consistent long-term starting job but that hasn't happened yet.

The talent is pretty much equal on both sides of the deal but I'll take the cheaper 2 with more potential than going for positional need and getting either 1 year rentals or bad long term deals for unproven (Williams) and undeserved (Magloire) players.
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