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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Hey, like I said... I'm still not sure about Mo Williams. He has done well but one season as starting PG isn't enough to give up on the likely more economical players the Raptors would give up. The fact that neither Magloire nor Williams would be guaranteed to stay with the Raptors past next year is a big issue here. The Raptors giving up these 2 players for guys who will likely bolt after one year unless grossly overpaid (???) isn't a favourable scenario for a young team.

I find all the home-town discount and likely wanting to stay in TO speculation on the part of some fans about Magloire to be bogus too. (me too)

It's just too big of a risk and IMO, these aren't 2 guys that a team like the Raptors should be overpaying for.
What gaurentee do you have that Mo Peterson will stay after this year? He's got the exact same status that the other guys have. I really don't understand why you would have to overpay to keep them though. They just need to get paid what they're worth. Magloire will be traded with his agent involved in the discussions so that his contract can be extended by the November deadline. He won't give he Raptors a steep hometown discount, but I'm sure he would accept market value to stay with them.
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