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Originally Posted by adamcz
What gaurentee do you have that Mo Peterson will stay after this year? He's got the exact same status that the other guys have. I really don't understand why you would have to overpay to keep them though. They just need to get paid what they're worth. Magloire will be traded with his agent involved in the discussions so that his contract can be extended by the November deadline. He won't give he Raptors a steep hometown discount, but I'm sure he would accept market value to stay with them.

someone please define what "market value" is for a guy who averages 9 and 9 in his 7th year in the league? he's getting paid 8.3 million per right now... does he deserve a raise? no. the guy is 28 years old, isn't getting any better, and will be expecting a raise. so what will he want, 4-5 years starting at 9-10 mill? forget it. i'm not saying magloire isn't a decent player, but if you look around the league at teams who paid primo $$$ for centers that aren't worth it, you'll find that their team isn't doing well either. it's easy enough to find some stiff who can have half the impact of a magloire at a fraction of the cost. the fact remains, im not investing 1/5th of my payroll into a player who doesn't deserve it now, and will only decline in the future.
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