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Default Re: Suns getting dominated by Celts

Originally Posted by SunsRisin2DaTop
I'm a die hard Suns fan, but, tonight just wasn't the night for a Suns W, i couldn't help but wait for this game to be over, it was ugly from the start.

1-1 on current road trip, 4 games left..

Hopefully we can rebound from this and come out at 5-1...

The suns need to cash in on amare the only real trade chip on the squad...

Maybe a D-lee,Robinson,Chandler,NY 1st round picks...

The suns run is over...time to rebuild around amare or start fresh...

if in 2010...nash leaves for the raps and shaq comes off the books...

who will come join amare? Lebron? wade? both guys are going to be where they are..

amare and chris bosh are the guys who will end up in NY...might as well get some value for him...

Amare will never flourish in a half court game and thats what the suns intend on doing...hes a great offensive weapon...but hes not the 1st option right now...

Trade him and bring in some future talent...yet still keeping the team competetive...D-lee is a poor mans amare...doesnt complain and he hits the boards...


Kirk Hinrich...

Guys who play offense to your current coach but i think Avery Johnson would do better.
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