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Default Amaré is voted All-Star Game starter

NEW YORK - Suns star Amaré Stoudemire rallied to a personal victory this week, passing Denver's Carmelo Anthony in fan voting to earn his first start in an NBA All-Star Game.
Stoudemire edged Anthony for the second forward spot alongside San Antonio's Tim Duncan and Houston's Yao Ming in the Western Conference frontcourt for the Feb. 15 game in Phoenix. The official announcement of the All-Star starters will be at 5 tonight on TNT's pregame show.

Lets hope he gets traded somewhere in the West and dominates us starting Feb. 15. It's pretty obvious he and others have given up on Porter. Once he goes elsewhere, he will be back to being the Amare of old with improved passing while the Suns flounder in mediocrity for the next 5-6 years. Build around Shaq! Lets hope we can extend Nash another 4 or 5 years.

In all seriousness. Go Suns! F U Management!

It's only a matter of time before something big happens and the Suns management ends up with egg on there face for there handling of Amare and this team. I'm not excusing Amare slacking but it is understandable. He will go somewhere else where he is used properly, with pieces that fit around him and because of this, will show that he is the Amare of old with better passing and a lil bit better defense.
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