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Default hey there

Hey, Join my league. I assure you that it will be different than the other pub leagues you have played in.

Hey I am starting a new league. It will be private and consist of all 30 NBA teams. It will have the 6 official devisions. So that means I need 30 good team owners. I will manage it all year, I always keep up on my fantasy leagues. As I would hope the people who join do. I want this to be competitive and have people in that follow it all year. This league will be a bit more difficult due to the depth of your roster, since there will be all 30 teams.
If your are interested in this please email me and I will get you the league address and password. You will get to pick your favorite nba team and sooner you get there the higher up your team will be in the draft. my email is
Thank you, I look forward to seeing you. -Nick

This league is through (ultimate commissioner).
otherwise, just sign up!! Its set up just like the public leagues.

Password: Jordan


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