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"Like it's that easy to lose weight. Just like that. Hell, I was on NutriSystem for five weeks and didn't lose an ounce. Spent three weeks traipsing around Europe walking miles each day and didn't lose a pound. What's your secret, LP. Do you have a special relationship with God or something that makes weight loss so easy? What am I missing........ "

First off, sorry if you got offended. Second of all sorry that you are over-weight, assuming thats the case. Third and finally Im guessing you arent a professional athlete. Im getting tired of hearing Sean May complain about not getting to play when hes been too heavy to play effectively, and for someone who probably has access to a world class training facility with some of the best physical trainers or has already gotten advice from the best dieticians known to man I would expect he should have already gotten to that mark.

There is no excuse for an athlete getting paid millions to be overweight for one moment at anytime during the offseason or regular season, let alone during the first half of an entire season. Inexcuseable.
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