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Default I think it's time

This team is getting very hard to root for.

We have Shaq and Amare *****ing about touches

We have three technicals from our leaders last night. I don't care if the refs were screwing us. Quit your damn *****ing and play ball. Every time you complain, the other team is headed in the other direction with a layup.

We got a PG that looks at the ref and *****es every time he gets himself into a double team or throws the ball away.

We have a 5 that plays hard and shines whenever he chooses to, which is about 2 games out of every 5. This same power forward has more talent than about 95% of the other power forwards out there but has more heart than only about 5% of them.

We have a coach that's clueless. This guy amazes me he got to be a head coach of our team. Either he's that bad, or our team has totally tuned him out. I think it's a combination of both.

If I were management, I'd keep Shaq, Hill, JRich, Barbs, Lou and send the rest of them packing out of here. Get what we can for Amare and Nash and rebuild around the rest of these starters and role players. Nash and Amare just have such a horrible vibe these days it's hard to watch this team play.

Time to clean house. The only reason I say keep Shaq is cause he's playing well and his numbers come off the books next year. Get what we can for Nash and Amare, Shaq comes off the books and look towards 2010. We could also trade shaq at the deadline next season to a contender for the future.
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