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Default Re: I think it's time

Originally Posted by nmsunsfan
While I agree with some of your points, I say leave the team be. They played awesome last night. If it weren't for nearly 20 more FT attempts, the Spurs lose that game. The Suns beat them at everything other than getting questionable calls.

Yeah yeah I know, a Suns fan crying about the refs... but good god it's just ridiculous sometimes. I thought a bunch of the replays on the overhead looked like BS. Countless fans were going absolutely ape****. Then I get back to the hotel and see the boxscore and it's just madness. The Spurs shot 44 fts. FOURTY FOUR. Yes the Suns still had their chances. Yes the Suns still lost. This team is better than a lot of you are giving them credit for though.

You want to see tons of regular season wins like the Suns usually produce, and so do I... but geez give it some more time. Some of you seem like all of this stuff is just supposed to work right off the bat with no issues, or else we have to blow it up AGAIN.

Call me crazy if you will, but I say they just need to figure a few more things out. They have shown signs of greatness, mixed in with signs of not knowing wtf they are doing. Yes, Porter isn't perfect. Yes, the team has room for improvement and leaves something to be desired... like massive winning streaks. Hard to root for though? Simply stop rooting for them then... I'm sure the Lakers bandwagon still has room.

It's just getting hard to root for a team that has long faces, even when they're playing well. The team doesn't seem to gel at all to me. I think there's too many on this team that wants theirs instead of thinking about team, they think about themselves.

We also whine and complain way too much. It's getting old. I have a feeling the refs are sick of it also.

There were a few bad calls in the Spurs game, but there always is. I've seen our team get away with things plenty of times also. We just notice more when it's called against us. I remember when Shaq played for the other team and I thought he ran over people. Now I think he's getting mugged while he plays for us. It's just the nba, it'll never change.

In regards to being a bandwagon fan, I've been a diehard suns fan for 22 yrs, since I moved here. I have always loved the suns, but this year is hard to watch. Not because they're losing. Their whole demeanor just sucks.

Hate to say it, but this team is done. Time to start to re-tool. Is it too early to say that? Possibly, but I've been a basketball fan...Played ball in High School, love College, NBA and I get a good feel for the game. This team just has too many hurdles to be a contender. Wish I was wrong but don't think so.

Oh yea..... Screw the Luckers
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