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Default Re: I think it's time

I 100% agree with ThyGreatOne.
I think the points he made are right on the money.
Also the orginal post is right, the time has come and its time to rebuild.
Im so over hearing "just abit more time", thats bull**** excuse to justify the mass amount of money we have on the books for our players in a team that is clinging onto the 8th seed.
Amare and Nash need to go, nash cant play in any system expect the run and gun and those days are gone so y waste ne more time with himl, get what we can now for him. And aside from fact amare clearly doesnt want to play with shaq, amare isnt happy unless hes winning, and suns are doing that often enuff so anyone with half a brain can see that in 2010 amare is gonna leave in free agency so we should get as much him as we can now to.

Agreed Porter is an idiot and i think hes a crap coach who clearly cant earn the respect of the players, but our GM Kerr is also an idiot and those 2 happen to be friends so i dnt see Porter going anywhere.
I think the finger pointing for the suns decline needs to pointed in Kerrs direction alot more, have a look at what hes done since he took over as GM of this club, we have gotten so much worse and at a alarmingly fast rate.

Everytime we lose the spurs its always the refs fault, such a load of bull.
Yes ill agree there probz has been a game or so where theyve gotten a better deal but they beat us everytym, the spurs know exactly how to stop the suns.

nmsunsfan if you cant see on the players faces there lack of enthusiam to play as a team, read some articles getting around, nash and amare have quite openly expressed there unhappniess with the team as it is.

And as for the "dominate the playoffs" call, the suns will be lucky to make playoffs and i know its grim but i actually dnt see us making the playoffs at all.
And for the amount of money on our payroll and we cant even make 8th seed you know its all wrong and a big change has to happen.

Y be mediocore and slowly continue getting worse for next 2 years? We should open our eyes and start the rebuild now cuz its gonna have to happen 2010 anyways, so y waste 2 years?
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