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Originally Posted by ALBballer

I'm kind of scared of you in a serial killer type of way. I just want to say I like your avatar and I just don't want you to do some crazy ****. I seen this one shyt on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick. Some dude was drunk and drove his car over a bridge And had his girlfriend in the trunk and she was pregnant with his kid And in the car they found a tape but it didn't say who it was to Come to think about it...his name was...

it was you.


That sh*t funny as hell I read it to my girlfriend and she said " I'm pregnant too your not going to drive me off the bridge are you" I told not to worry about it, but the other girl had it coming to her. JK lol She didn't!!!!!!!!!

We have two kids and one on the way due date Feb 14 and I haven't done that yet!!!!!!

But its weird your the third person on here that has compared me to a serial killer!!! And I've only been on for 1 month and 9 days!!!

Happy Friday DA 13!!!! Hope you live through it!!!!!!!!!!
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