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Originally Posted by jrt1584
are we going by skill here or beats? because dmx has no skill, hes been showing up waaay too often on these lists.

Whoa, stop right there... DMX has no skill? If anyone has been showing up on these lists too often, its Nas. His beats are still stuck in the mid-90's. DMX does a good job of mixing up the gangsta $hit with real life stuff. Ruff Ryders & G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath got the rap game locked down. Nobody can touch any of them.

Have you guys ever heard any DMX freestyles? It's just him barking half the time. Dude's not exactly the most talented lyricist imo. That's not to say I don't like his music though. I still listen to Ruff Ryder's Anthem a few times per week. GETS ME AMMMPED!
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