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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
nobody's beats suck as much as Lupe Fiasco's but he's still the best rapper out at the moment.

if you wanna hear lupe on some good beats listen to the following mixtapes. they are much better than food and liquor IMO.

Fahrenheit 1/15 Part 1
R.O.T.N (revenge of the nerds)
A Rhyming Ape
Touch The Sky Mixtape

for a sample of the kind of beats you'll here go to and listen to mr.mcfly.

my favorites:
F 1/15 Part 1 - Failure
F 1/15 Part 1 - Boss Playa
F 1/15 Part 1 - Hater Hop
F 1/15 Part 1 - Slow Down
F 1/15 Part 1 - Ooh
F 1/15 Part 1 - WCGI Freestyle
R.O.T.N - switch (science project)
R.O.T.N - Tilted Part 3
A Rhyming Ape - Happy Industries
Touch The Sky - McFly
Touch The Sky - Absolute Fiasco

Touch The Sky is kind of like a "best of" the mixtapes.
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