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Default Fire Steve Kerr

I don't get it. . Amare is pretty much the best young big man in the NBA, Steve Kerr/Porter ruin the team with trades that don't make sense, and players that don't fit together, the result is to trade the 1 player that should be your future and your franchise?? ....stupid as can be.

I was just talking about this last week saying it makes no sense because they will get rid of Amare, then fire Porter at the end of the year (which looks like it may have already happened now) then Kerr will either "resign" or give up his position for something else by this time next year. Leaving the Suns with a bunch of garbage players (similar to a few years back when Stephon Marbury and Penny Hardaway were playing there), an old Steve Nash, a dinosaur Shaq riding pine, and Amare on another team probably putting up 27 and 10.

......So why doesn't the organization do the logical thing and get rid of Kerr since its bound to happen anyway!?!? (I like Kerr, but as a gm it's clear he is clueless and has caught himself up in a cluster**** that is beyond repair.)
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