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Default Well Illinois Fan guess your prediction stank.

and now that Eric Gordon is going to IU you're whining and *****ing insteading of having the integrity to admit you never had a clue in the first place.

Another thing you conveniently forgot. Illinios has had several infractions including what the NCAA counted as MAJOR just last year. Indiana has NEVER EVER been on probation-- Its a clean program with the highest ( some years 2nd highest ) graduation rate among public schools--- Illinois - lol forget it!

Gordon didnt want to go to IU with Davis - but he contacted them when Sampson came on board. Remember Indiana along with its clean program, has five national championships as well as the last team to go undefeated..and Illinois has................??????

No Im not from Indiana- Im in Texas (and UT needs to clean up its act as well- I can admit that).

An honest basketball fan will admit any school who could have gotten Gordon would have tried and he/she will also admit that Indiana is as classy as any program in college sports!

Good Luck Eric Gordon - maybe you'll play pro in Texas!
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