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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
I'm in HS and my friends are in HS and we have so much free time it boggles the mind. But I, unlike you, have the common sense to realize that these days are not permanent and for those who have made something of their lives, again, not you mr. bull**** major / film minor who thinks Adam Sandler is a better actor than Tom Cruise, they don't always have a friend around who likes 2k7 and has a couple hours to blow playing it, so when they don't have that, they play ONLINE.

Adam Sandler>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tom Cruise

Anyone that enjoys a Tom Cruise flick should be shot.

I have free time because I am being paid by my insurance company, until I can get back to work. And I dont waste my time playing fat ass video games with a bunch of other fat ass nerds online.

What are you going to major in at college captain dipsh*t?

Maybe you could enrol in: Pretending to be 17 101
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