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Talking No Agreement reached yet but a solid offer

and Q Rich you are premature in your 2nd repeat post of your own thread here.
The Clips behind the after christmas new Donald T Sterling have made
Kaveman a 5yr 50 mil extension offer starting at 8.5 mil/yr. Very fair
and solid offer to Kaveman. Only the extension of Dun Sr could hold this
up. Kaveman's "second Pop" Asst Coach Kim Hughes is also another
positive factor in him reupping.

Props to the defacto (look this up in wikipedia for all you illiterati
who dont know what I speak) GM Dun Sr and to Donald T for listening
to his basketball people over "Irwin the accountant cuzz your killing me
Larry" VP Andy Roeser.

Next up Stanley the Stick, next year and we are set.
Very proactive front office moves by the Clips. I am impressed.
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