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Originally Posted by Hawker
LOL how is payton almost as much as hinrich or felton? Get a clue.
Payton is a good all-around player

Not weak in anything

Can hit a good FG% at 45% (Hinrich is at 41.1%, Felton is below 40s)
FT% is almost at 80% (Hinrich has as much as him, Felton is at 72%)
Can hit a 3 a game (Hinrich can do a little more, Felton can do as much)
Points he is a little less, but Hinrich and Felton aren't too high on that either...
Averages just as many rebounds
Steals he can get 1spg too, just a little below Hinrich and Felton
And lastly, averages less TOs than both Felton and Hinrich
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