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The Raptors won this year's draft lottery, but with no sure-fire dominant prospects, new General Manager Bryan Colangelo is actively looking to trade down to acquire a potential veteran star and another lottery pick. The Raptors have a few more holes than any individual player can fill. If they do hang onto the pick, Adam Morrison makes the most sense for Toronto (even though they are rumored to be enamored with Andrea Bargnani, a.k.a. The Italian Bosh). He would give the Raptors an infusion of attitude, personality and perimeter scoring. With Morrison, the Raptors would likely move Charlie Villanueva to power forward and Chris Bosh to center, allowing the Raptors to spread the floor and create mismatches. The naysayers might assert that Bosh is too skinny to play center (which is true), but would you rather have Bosh at the five-spot or Rafael Araujo? Exactly. The Raptors also need to deal with free-agent-to-be Mike James. James' 20 points/game season is the very definition of a "contract push," and the Raptors must be careful not to overpay for him and risk losing Bosh when his contract is up for renewal. If Toronto trades down, expect them to target Marcus Williams, making James' extravagant contract demands a non-issue. Toronto may use their first second-round pick on Kevin Pittsnogle, a big player who can stretch the defense with his perimeter shooting. In time, he could develop into the poor man's Mehmet Okur. Toronto also has substantial cap room, so they might throw their hat into the Ben Wallace sweepstakes.
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