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Originally Posted by Glove_20
If you guys don't settle on anything we could also do this...

Blockbuster 3 Way Trade

Steven A

Gets:Odom, Jermaine, Billups

Loses:T-Mac, Allen, Dalembert, Okafor


Gets: T-Mac, Allen, Dalembert

Loses: AI, Lewis, Z


Gets: AI, Lewis, Z, Okafor

Loses: Jermaine, Odom, Billups

glove you read my mind with that trade. I was actually thinking of that.

heres what I was typing right before I saw your post:

Browntown, how about a blockbuster. Ray Allen, Tmac, Dalembert, Okafor for Jermaine Oneal, Chauncey Billups, Lamar Odom. Then you cant take Allen and go for AI. If you're willing, we could ask glove to set up a 3way deal this way...
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