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It's the morning after and I'm still jazzed about last nights game. Great teams win the games they're not supposed to win. I definately see greatness in this team. Urlacher just refused to let the Bears lose. He took that game over.

Let's face it though, the Bears took the Cardinals lightly. They were reading too much of their own press. But they came through when they had too and thats what matters. This Cardinals game was a good wake up call for them. They won't take any more games for granted this season.

Can they go 19-0? (I'm including playoffs) We'll see. It would be awesome. That would put the Bulls (72-10) and the Bears as the best teams in their respective sports.

As for Grossman. He had a bad game. But he's got a bye week to work it out. And he's a good QB no doubt. He's had 5 good games and one bad one. I could care less who you think he's better or worse than. Bottom line is he's 6-0.
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