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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The Crossing Guard.

The 2nd movie directed by Sean Penn is a messy movie with an uneven performance by Jack Nicholson. It's a tale of loss, guilt, and revenge as Freddy Gale (Nicholson) has been counting down the days until John Booth (David Morse) is released from prison after 5 years for running over Freddy's kid.

Most of the movie follows Freddy as he continues to fall apart. Penn does a great job of not allowing you to root for the people that you're supposed to root for. But the movie falls flat in some emotional scenes that Jack wasn't able to really handle at this point in his career. It's also pretentious and it has alot of those pointless slow mo type of scenes that I thought were really stupid.

On top of that, it goes plain out silly when it attempts to set up the finale. There is a good movie in here somewhere, but it's just not as well made as it should be. Also, it's hard to dislike hot nude chicks, but it wasn't necessary for this movie at all.


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