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Originally Posted by IamtheWalrus
i mean rappers enforce criminal acts, and basketball players are prone to violence.

I thought since 1966, black people were trying to improve themselves and sway away from that stereotype that kept them down for so long

This is far from the truth. Black people want to make money so they are forced to do what corporate America is telling them to do. For example a rapper that produces lyrical content is not going to sell, he/she is going to have to do club hits like that "Laffy Taffy crap" or "Oh I think they like me" and enforce their own stereotypes to sell to white people. If you look it up, white people are the biggest consumers of hip hop. Black people want to make money too and they know that the only way for them to do it is to appeal to what the audiences want them to be.

Like when you see a smart black guy in school dressed in Abercrombie or Hollister I bet you say that how come he doesnt act black? Instead its the ones that wear chains and 5XL Tall tees walking around talking in slang are the ones that are popular. Those people are "acting black" and noone questions them but they question the one that "dresses white"
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