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The coordinator got canned cause someone had to be sacrificed after that game. The only thing you could point to as luck was that dude missing the FG. But kickers miss Fg's all the time. So how was it luck that Urlacher was all over the friggin place and straight ripped the ball away from James? Was it luck that Hester made more than one great move during that punt return?

You could say that the Cards gave that game away if you want. I say the Bears took it from them.

And as far as the Bears lacking a big game threat, they definately have on in B. Berrian. He's been making big plays all year. Not his fault that Grossman was off last night. Hell if Grossman played average last night the game wouldn't of been close. But he played like shyt and they still won.

Name me one other team that has the Def and special teams to do what the Bears did last night. There are plenty of other great Defensive teams out there, but not like the Bears. Cards got 13 points off of six turnovers. Bears got 14 points off of 2 turnovers.

Call it a gimmie win if you want. I know I won't be able to change your mind. But I call that a great win.
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