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Originally Posted by adiedanny
I disagree, I actually like Mihm's work ethic. I do think 50 million is too much to offer Kaman but it does'nt look like he is going to accept it anyway. From what I have read in the news papers is, he feels he deserves to be paid a little more than Chandler and Dalbert. I think it is around 1-2 million average more per year. If we commit to that we will not be able to offer Livingston an extension without going over the cap. In my opinion if Kaman does'nt want to play here let him go and bring on Big Sofo. I think he is walking away from a whole lot of money and should understand getting a little more money does'nt equate to play-offs or even a championship. I really do like Kaman but I don't think he is making the right decision.

Good Post!!!

However let me add that u might end up keeping Kaman because you might not find another team thats going to average him the same amount. So not only would he stay with LA but they can go a little lower than 10 million per year also, depending on what other teams are averaging.

Kaman is a very good center and there arent many of them. So its not like he can be replaced either.
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