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Default Re: Ridiculous numbers I heard about the WNBA (salaries)

Originally Posted by Quizno
honestly, i think they are grossly underpaid. their boobies jiggle up and down and stuff when they run up the court and that must be extremely annoying.

okay, but to be serious, i do think they are extremely underpaid. i probably have a different opinion than most though, as my mom's best friend (whom i am very close to) has been a huge fan of the wnba since day one, and i would usually watch LA sparks games with her. honestly, i think they're terrific athletes and the games were actually really fun to watch. if you really don't think they play on a high level, try actually watching a game, i think you'll be surprised. they're professional athletes and they're excellent at what they do. making approximately 50k per year compared to their male counterparts where the absolute ****tiest players make tons more than that for playing maybe 3 minutes a game if their team is up by 20 with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter is ridiculous.

does your mom's friend pay $97,650 a ticket? If not, NO they are not underpaid. No one cares, no one is willing to pay big money to see them. People pay money to see Lebron, that is why he gets big money. People don't pay money to see teh WNBA, it loses money. I don't care if they want to win so badly that they take out knives during the game and stab each other, there is no way a league that is basically at this point a charity endevour by the cities that have teams can claim to have "underpaid" players.
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