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Default Re: Ridiculous numbers I heard about the WNBA (salaries)

Originally Posted by haterofhaters
The overall highest amount for this current year that a WNBA player can make is 97,500/year.

The salary cap for 2008/09 is 800, 000. Yes, let that sink in. That's how much a TEAM has to spend on a full roster.

Someone did the calculation out, and since there are 13 WNBA teams and the cap is at 803,000, if every team was maxed out, the entire league's salaries combined would be a little over 10 million/year. Stephon Marbury for comparison's sake makes twice the amount of every WNBA player combined for an entire season. WOW... If I ever have a daughter, i'm gonna encourage her to stay in school.

97.5k is well above the average in america. the wnba season is also something like 30-40 games, not 82 games (i dont know the exact amount). the wnba doesn't make much money compared to other sports. its a business. they gey paid based to the money they bring in for the owners and they dont bring in very much. i dont know what they bring in, but WNBA salaries might (i dont know im just speculating) be subsidies in part by NBA revenues, which would mean the wnba players were actually over-paid.

its not as bad as MLS though. there are guys in the MLS making less than $13,000 a season:
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