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Just luck...the offensive coordinator called a crappy game when he got up. Predictable playcalling running the ball at the wrong times and passing these BS short passes. Add the kicker missing a FG that he should have nailed. Bears didnt do anything to win the game the Cards did everything to lose it. Lets face it even great teams get lucky and handed wins. It happens. I'l give no credit to the Bears for that win. I'm not gonna place an asterisk or not count it. I'll recognize they are undefeated and wont harp on the silly "They should be 5-1" crap because thats meaningless. But just speaking on this specific game? Nah, cant give them credit as a great teams find ways to win type thing. Just wont happen. And this isnt to diss, slight, discredit or try to downgrade the Bears by any i said other great teams have benefitted from gifts. It happens.

B.Berriman isnt consistent enough. I'll acknowledge he has big game abilities. I've seen it but not enough for a consistent stretch. Not at this point in his career. And by that a guy like Steve Smith is a big game question. B.Berriman he is but there are questions there. I'm still not sold on the offense...its good but I'm suspect on it. Definately not confident they can consistently be good week in and week out...and I wanna see how they do towards crunch time, postseason really. Pressure will amount heavily.
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