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Originally Posted by ALBballer
I know, but you can't blame the offensive coordinator for that. The Bears defensive is just amazing and are comparable to the Ravens of 00'.

The sad part about this game is that the Cards should of had little chance to win the game, but since they made it close and they blew a big lead, Dennis Green will probably get fired and some coach will come over next year and do a good job and get the credit.

Well you cant blame the offensive coordinator but you can question the playcalling and predictable nature of the calling. They ran when they shouldnt have...and didnt take chances downfield. Played it safe and it bit them in the ass.

Granted the Cards had chances to win...FG missed. FG is made, Cards win and dude keeps his job. But from what I'm hearing and reading dudes job been on the line...matter of time and i think this sealed the deal. Denny was pretty ticked off at fumbling away that win. Ehhhh

Denny has been there 3 years and hasnt won more than 6 games(including this year assuming he doesnt this year). He deserves to be fired.

Yeah because the Cards field a good team in those 3yrs huh?
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