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Default Re: where'd you go ricky rubio

Originally Posted by Grinder
Looking more and more likely that Rubio will be in this draft.

From Chad Ford...

Makes no sense at all. He was making 80,000 euros net and his team gave him a raise to 600,000 euros net for this year and the rest of his contract in order for him to agree to stay until the buyout would go away. His agent sounds like he doesn't even know about the contracts his own client has signed.

Then again I can see why he would want to enter in this draft. He had a horrible Euroleague season and his team will not qualify for the Euroleague next year, which means he will be playing in the second level Eurocup again like he did last year.

So no chance to show scouts what he can do in the Euroleague next year trying to come off this horrible year he had.

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